Pinmoors - Mixed Colors #1

Pinmoors - Mixed Colors #1

Pinmoors in Mixed Color set #1.  Red, White, and Yellow

Packages of 50, 100, or 200 many of you have tried or even seen the new Pinmoor's for basting quilts?

I picked some up recently at the Long Beach show, and finally got around to basting a quilt with them.

OMG!!! I think these are the next HUGE revolution in quilting. They do for basting what the rotary cutter did for cutting. You use straight pins and pinmoors...AWESOME.

They're easier to use than safety pins, don't hurt the fingers, lay flatter on the quilt, are easier to remove as you quilt; and they come in cool colors.

What I love about them, they can be used forever. They won't get dull, or mishaped like safety pins, and I won't stick myself anymore.

Yeah...I do get excited about things, but these little guys are worth the hype!  Here's a video from the inventor:


Ok..I'll calm down now and get back to quilting...


Pinmoors - Mixed Colors #1